High Point Market

794 HighPointMarket High Point Market, April  5-10 , Booth G-2035Suites at Market Square (ground floor) 

You’re invited to see the best in window coverings:

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  • Get our Show Specials (to be revealed at the event)
  • New! Discover CurtainBling™
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Curtain Bling is a revolutionary new Curtain and Accessory enhancement feature.  Use Curtain Bling to dress up dreary window treatments, showcase old pillow, and event create new and stunning table dressings.

visit curtainbling.com



24 distinct styles to choose from.  See more BLING at curtainbling.com

Choose from Bling with Dangles or without Dangles


Image          Image

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Sometimes imagination is the only commodity that we need to take an assignment we have to the highest level.  We all know how to use our drapery hardware for a simple window treatment, but when someone goes that step further, and add the element of fun like Sonja’s in Bethpage, Tennessee, it’s really noteworthy.  Sonja ordered 70 drapery rings for a couple of drapery panels and we remarked to her that it seemed like an odd amount for just two panels…little did we know what Sonja had in mind…until we got her pictures this morning and we just had to share them with you.  So, thank you, Sonja, for sharing your fabulous idea with us!

photo (1) photo (2) photo (4)If you look carefully, what Sonja did was to join the top and bottom of the panel together with our Urban Dwellings quad rings!  What an amazing idea that was and I’m sure, very time consuming.  Perfect for this man’s study.

Sonja, thank you again for sharing your idea with us here at TMS-Menagerie.

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Imagine that!!! TMS-Menagerie’s very own Electric Cord Vase in glossy white, item # CH38, right here in living color , on the HGTV Website!! View many more of our great looking and imaginative accessories in our catalog right here on our TMS-Menagerie website. Walk through our pages, there are many good ideas for the up and coming Father’s Day!

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Finally after months of preparation, testing and fine tuning…our fabulous custom traverse track systems are here! Any size track up to 16′ is available in four track colors…gold, bronze, anodized silver and white. You can have any of our Menagerie or Urban Dwellings facias in either 1 3/8” or 2” size. And in a short period of time, we will have the 2” bamboo for a facia! The traverse tracks come in singles, doubles and our very own CTRAV or combo trav which is actually a stationary pole with rings on the front and a back traverse track! It is truly a thing of beauty. So peruse the brochure at your leisure. Call us with your questions. And it only takes 10 working days to produce…not much time for a custom piece. TRAVERSE BROCHURE WITH ORDER FORM AND PRICING 

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TMS-Menagerie will be soon introducing their new custom traverse rod systems!!!  What makes this so exciting are the never ending possibilities to what can be done.  There will be single traverse, double traverse, single or double traverse with mitered returns,and with the Stow bracket, a stationary traditional pole in front and a traverse track in the back.Triple bracket as well as an adjustable ceiling bracket. So many options to choose from.  Four power coated colors to choose from for the tracks: gold, bronze, anodized satin nickel as well as traditional white. Ball bearing carriers for smooth movement and no binding. They can They can be cord operated or baton operated..fiberglass batons come in four lengths: 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72”…and soon…yes, it’s coming too!!!….motorized!!!

More information will be posted as soon as it’s officially released.New_Traverse_2011

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After travelling 668.9 miles south east from Paris, we arrive at our destination…Pisa, Italy… We are here to view a wonder in the world of architecture…it’s a wonder it’s still standing…the Leaning Tower Of Pisa…Construction of the tower in the Romanesque style began in 1173 and was not completed until 1399.  It was built mainly as a tourist attraction and construction was interrupted several times by war.  Because of the soft land consisting of clay , shells and sand, the tower began to lean after the 3rd story.  The builders tried to rectify the lean by building the next stories slightly taller on one side.  Still the tower continued to lean and for centuries, people tried to stabilize it and not until 2008 did they succeed.

The tower is 183′ 3” from the ground floor up.  It weighs over 16,000 tons and has 296 steps to the top.

The tower closed to the public in January 1990.  After 11 years, it was declared stable again and reopened December 2001.

Now, you don’t have to travel thousands or even hundreds of miles to have a little Italy in your home or office when you have a set of  TMS-Menagerie’s Leaning Tower of Pisa bookends- P5642-18…They stand 6” high by 4.5” wide and 3.5” deep..and as you can see from the picture, they are very nicely detailed.  A nice addition to your library or a great gift idea.


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Here it is…September already.  The kids are back to school, summer’s almost over and before you know it, it’s the holidays again.  It comes quicker every year.  But now is the time to get ready for those festive occasions whenfamily and friends get together in your home. It’s time to give your living space a face lift!  And what better way than with new TMS-Menagerie drapery hardware over your windows.  You’d be surprised at how a new set of finials and tiebacks  will enhance the drapery panels that you already have.

And  don’t forget about our accessory collections! Add a set of TMS-Menagerie bookends to your library or den.  And everyone has an empty space just crying out for a little ambiance!  Add one of our ILLUMI-ART lamps and create a little magic.  Choose between the LA01 with whispy brown feathers that are enhanced with tiny lights or the LA02 with its elongated pecan brown leaves. Maybe just a whimsical item for your kitchen like TMS-Menagerie’s CH45-GWGR extra large spoon with green peas, or our Banana Bowl CH46-GS.

Just a few small items can change the look of your room and make it feel like new again. You can view all our accessory items in our catalog with one click from our home page.

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Only 213 miles southeast of London lies our new destination…Paris…The City of Lights…We will be taking the “Chunnel” which is a 3 tunnel railroad from England to France which runs under the English Channel and has been open since 1994.

And here we are in Paris…Home to one of the most visited attractions in the world..the Eiffel Tower.  Meant to be a temporary structure, it was designed by Gustave Eiffel and was completed by March 31, 1889 for the Paris Exibition. It is constructed of puddled iron and weighs approximately 10 tons.  It took 2 years and 2 months to complete. It is painted every 7 years and it takes 50 tons of paint.  There are 1789 steps to the very top and you can see about 37 miles all around Paris from there.  The Tower has had over 200,000,000 visitors.

Bring a little bit of Paris to your home or office with our Eiffel Tower bookends-P5642G-18.  They stand 7” high are 4.5” wide and 3.5” deep…A great gift item .

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Here we are aboard the SS MENAGERIE, crossing the Atlantic Ocean,and I hope you don’t get sea sick!  We’re  on our way to view Big Ben at Parliament in the city of London.  At the north end of the House of Parliament, stands the Big Ben clock tower.  It’s the third largest free standing clock tower in the world.  Designed by Augustus Pugin, it stands 316 ‘ high and has 334 steps to the belfry.  The four clock dials are set in iron frames, each measuring 23′ across. Big Ben is really named for the great bell which was named after Sir Benjamin Hall and completed in 1859.

It has been in many movies, The 39 Steps, Thunderball, Shanghai Knights and Dr Who to name a few.

You can visit Westminster and listen to committees and view the debates.  Parliament/Big Ben has over 1,000,000 visitors a year.

You can have Big Ben/Parliament in your own home, office, or give as a thoughtful gift with our P5642J bookends.  They measure 7” high by 5” wide and 6” deep, and are beautifully executed with great detail as you can see from the picture.

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